There’s no war going on in the world that is justified.


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

well.. shit happens.

twomoredays and goodbye M.

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“The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.
But above all, the world needs DREAMERS WHO DO.”
—Sarah Ban Breathnach
being back home sucks.

being back home sucks.

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no hay nada como que llueva justamente un día en el que necesitas que llueva, cuando tu cuerpo te pide que llueva. porque llueves por dentro. i entonces se pone a llover i a tronar. i sonríes.

so where has all the day gone?
and why are my lungs aching when I breathe?
is there something wrong with the heat?
why am I so cold?
and my heart feels sick.
and it hurts when I speak.
and this is not what I hoped for.

Now I’ve chased this dream to do what I love, and I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.
Now I’ve chased this dream and I made it out alive. I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.
I threw away what naysayers say, and started on a race that I had to win for myself.

All I’ve learned is teaching me more. All I know is driving me on.


being back in barcelona feels like being back home (and that’s so nice) :)

Proud to have been part of this film :)
Can’t wait to see it!!!


(by EMPTY.)

it makes me sad.

(by EMPTY.)

it makes me sad.

(the way I see life).

(the way I see life).

All those people in the world we will never meet.
All those places in the world we will never see.
All those songs we will never know.
All those books we will never read.
All those days we will never live.

ayer pensé: tendría que llover.. quiero que llueva.

i no sólo llovió ayer por la noche, si no que ahora el cielo está gris i está granizando.

mis deseos han sido escuchados. how I love these days. happy rainy thursday.

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